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updated Sun 4/20 16:32 PM
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April 19, 2014: $7,236,383
YTD 2014 YTD 2013 % Change
Total Wagered $440,995,635 $511,860,299 -13.84%
Per Race avg. $50,876 $53,937 -5.67%
Purses $68,617,000 $76,117,985 -9.85%
Race Days 725 799 -9.26%
Please note: Includes U.S. and Canadian common and separate pool wagers on races contested in the U.S. While every effort has been made to provide accurate information, the USTA is not responsible for errors or omissions. Data source: United Tote.
 Today's Feature Races
List of Today's Feature Races.
TrackClass, Name of RaceEst. Purse
Miami Valley RacewayFM OPN HCP$10,000
Miami Valley RacewayFMNW4250L4$7,000
Miami Valley RacewayFMNW3000L4$6,000
Miami Valley RacewayFMNW3250L4$6,000
Complete Calendar of Feature Races
 Top Performers - Drivers
Drivers by Wins
Aaron E Merriman$1,381,426206
Ronnie H Wrenn Jr.$766,022195
Corey Callahan$1,992,207191
Ron D Pierce$2,271,530173
Dave M Palone$1,407,667169
Josh Sutton$591,780167
Brian J Sears$1,855,917159
Bruce A Aldrich Jr$509,517143
Brett A Miller$1,319,195137
Tyler A Smith$572,810133
Complete list of Top Performers
 Top Performers - Trainers
Trainers by Current Year Earnings
Ron J Burke254$3,547,397
Rene M Allard104$1,017,329
Pj J Fraley43$829,165
Carmen E Auciello52$736,823
Corey Johnson43$599,331
Josh L Green48$594,909
Julie E Miller45$557,730
Gilbert Garcia-Herrera52$535,976
Scott D Di Domenico37$500,190
Richard Moreau59$495,147
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